This database was originally set up in 2008 by Dror Warschawski (please visit his wonderful

Since 2017, we pursue his effort to update this database. The table below provides information about proteins whose structures have been determined by solid-state NMR, to a resolution sufficient to have resulted in a file deposited with the worldwide Protein Data Bank ( Please help us to keep this table up to date by sending missing information to: or

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Last update: Nov-19 2018

NameDomainCategoryPDBBMRBSizeSourceReconstitution mediumMethodsReferenceYear
Des-Arg10-Kallidin (DAKD) peptideBound to human Bradykinin 1 Receptor (B1R)Membrane proteins in membranes6F3Y34209---MASJoedicke et al., Nat. Chem. Biol.2018
Des-Arg10-Kallidin (DAKD) peptide-Membrane proteins in membranes6F3X34208--in frozen DDM/CHS detergent micelle solutionMASJoedicke et al., Nat. Chem. Biol.2018
Bradykinin (BK) peptideBackbone structure of free bradykinin (BK)Membrane proteins in membranes6F3W34207--DDM/CHS detergent micellesMASJoedicke et al., Nat. Chem. Biol.2018
Bradykinin (BK) peptideBound to human Bradykinin 2 Receptor Membrane proteins in membranes6F3V34206---MASJoedicke et al., Nat. Chem. Biol.2018
TET26F3K2721139 kDa/1E. coli MAS, solution NMR, cryo-EM/2018
RIP1/RIP3Amyloid fibrils5V7Z3027314.5 kDa/8 (hetero 8-mer)E. coliMASMompean et al. Cell2018
HIV gp41MPER-TMDMembrane proteins in membranes6DLN3047214kDa/3syntheticlipidsMASKwon et al. JACS2018
HELLF prionAmyloid fibrils6EKA3417843kDa/5E. coliMAS/2018
OmpG-Membrane proteins in membranes5MWV3408833 kDa/1E. coliE.coli lipid extractsMASRetel et al., Nat. Commun.2017
Anabaena Sensory RhodopsinSSNMR + DEERMembrane proteins in membranes5UK6-79,1kDa/3E. coliDMPC/DMPA (9:1 wt/wt)MASMilikisiyants et al. J. Mol. Biol.2017
Zinc-Binding Structure of a Catalytic Amyloid-Amyloid fibrils5UGK3022710,1kDa/12E. coli-MASLee et al. PNAS2017
FUS (fused in sarcoma) RNA-binding proteinLC domainAmyloid fibrils5W3N30304224 kDa/9E. coli-MASMurray et al., Cell2017
GB1-Microcrystals5JXV300886kDa/1E. coli-MASAndreas et al. PNAS2016
HIV-1 capsid protein lattice -Capsids5IRT300359.2kDa/2E. coli-MASBayro et al. JACS2016
Acinetobacter phage 205 (AP205 capsid)-Capsids5JZR3009428kDa/2E. coli-MASAndreas et al. PNAS2016
ABetaRes 1-42Amyloid fibrils5KK33012180,9kDa/18E. coli-MASColvin et al. JACS2016
alpha-synuclein-Amyloid fibrils2NOA25518144kDa/10E. coli-MASTuttle et al. Nat. Mol. Struct. Biol.2016
26mer Box C/D RNA in complex with the L7Ae protein -RNA2NOR2553426 nucleotidesSynthetic-MASMarchanka et al. Nat. Commun.2015
CAP-Gly domain assembled on microtubules-Other proteins2MPX250057.6kDa/1E. coli-MASYan et al. PNAS2015
Ubiquitin-Microcrystals2MSG251238,2kDa/1E. coli-MASFasshuber et al. Protein Sci.2015
Influenza M2 channel
Res 18-60 construct of S31NMembrane proteins in membranes2N702578820,1kDa/4E. coliDPhPCMASAndreas et al. JACS2015
HIV-1 Vpu-Membrane proteins in membranes2N28255919.1kDa/1E. coliDMPCMAS+solution NMRZhang et al. Biochim. Biophys. Acta2015
MAVS CARD filaments-Filamentous protein2MS725076247,6kDa/21E. coli-MASHe et al. PNAS2015
Cytoskeletal bactofilin BacA-Cytoskeletal protein2N3D2564218.5kDa/1E. coli-MASShi et al. Sci. Adv.2015
M13 bacteriophage (capsid protein G8P)-Bacteriophage capsid2MJZ19747184 kDa/35E. coli-MASMorag et al. PNAS2015
Type 1 Pilus of Uropathogenic E.coli-Bacterial filament2N7H2533495,7kDa/6E. coli-MASHabenstein et al. Angew. Chem./a>2015
ABetaRes 1-42Amyloid fibrils2MXU2542954kDa/12Synthetic-MASXiao et al. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol.2015
MAX1 fibrils-Amyloid fibrils2N1E2555818,6kDa/8Synthetic-MASNagy-Smith et al. PNAS2015
ABeta Res 1-40, D23N "Iowa" mutantAmyloid fibrils2MPZ2500471kDa/27Synthetic-MASSgourakis et al. Structure2015
L,D-transpeptidase YkuD + peptidoglycan hexamuropeptide-Other proteins2MTZ2519219 kDa/1 + 6 kDa/6E. coli + B. subtilis-MASSchanda et al. JACS2014
Moronecidin-Membrane proteins in membranes2MCV194553 kDa/1SyntheticPOPE/POPG bilayer (22_C) orientedPerrin et al. JACS2014
Piscidin-3Membrane proteins in membranes2MCW194562 kDa/1SyntheticDMPC/DMPG bilayer (40_C) orientedPerrin et al. JACS2014
MgtR (Salmonella Transmembrane Regulatory Peptide)Membrane proteins in membranes2MC7193343 kDa/1SyntheticDMPC (37_C) orientedJean-Francois et al. J. Mol. Biol.2014
Moronecidin-Membrane proteins in membranes2MCU194543 kDa/1SyntheticDMPC/DMPG bilayer (40_C) orientedPerrin et al. JACS2014
Mercury transporter Mer F-Membrane proteins in membranes2MOZ191159 kDa/1E. coli-oriented and MASTian et al. J. Biomol. NMR2014
Piscidin-3Membrane proteins in membranes2MCX194572 kDa/1SyntheticPOPE/POPG bilayer (22_C) orientedPerrin et al. JACS2014
Type-III Secretion System Needle of S. flexneriFilamentBacterial filaments2MME18651272 kDa/29E. coli-MASDemers et al. Nat. Comm.2014
ABetaRes 1-40 bearing the Osaka mutationAmyloid fibrils2MVX2528942 kDa/10E. coli-MASSchutz et al. Angew. Chemie2014
CAP-Gly domain of mammalian dynactin-Microcrystals2M021793710 kDa/1E. coli-MASYan et al. J. Mol. Biol.2013
DsbB-Microcrystalline membrane proteins2LTQ1849318 kDa/1E. colimicrocrystalised with residual native lipidsMAS and X-rayTang et al. J. Mol. Biol.2013
Anabaena Sensory RhodopsinSSNMRMembrane proteins in membranes2M3G1859583 kDa/3E. colilipids (DMPC/DMPA:9/1)MASWang et al. Nat. Methods2013
Htt17 of HuntingtinN-terminal domain Membrane proteins in membranes2LD2176442 kDa/1syntheticPOPC on glass platesoriented and solutionMichalek et al. Biochemistry2013
Rabbit cytochrome b5-Membrane proteins in membranes2M331891913 kDa/1E. coliDPC and bicelles solution and orientedAhuja et al. J. Biol. Chem.2013
Mercury transporter Mer F-Membrane proteins in membranes2M67191159 kDa/1E. colibicelles and DMPCoriented and MASLu et al. JACS2013
Type-III Secretion System Needle of S. typhimuriumTetrameric building blockBacterial filaments2MEX1827635 kDa/4E. coli-MASLoquet et al. JACS2013
ABetaRes 1-40Amyloid fibrils2M4J-39 kDa/9human-MASLu et al. Cell2013
TransthyretinTriplet cross-beta amyloid fibrilAmyloid fibrils2M5M1906014 kDa/12synthetic-MASFitzpatrick et al. PNAS2013
TransthyretinQuadruplet cross-beta amyloid fibrilAmyloid fibrils2ZPK1905719 kDa/16synthetic-MASFitzpatrick et al. PNAS2013
ABetaRes 1-40Amyloid fibrils2LMP1900952 kDa/12human-MASLu et al. Cell2013
TransthyretinCross-beta protofilamentAmyloid fibrils2M5N1906219 kDa/16synthetic-MASFitzpatrick et al. PNAS2013
TransthyretinDoublet cross-beta amyloid fibrilAmyloid fibrils2M5K1905810 kDa/8synthetic-MASFitzpatrick et al. PNAS2013
Cu(I),Zn(II) superoxide dismutase-Microcrystals2LU51850916 kDa/1E. coli-MASKnight et al. PNAS2012
YadAMembrane anchor domainMicrocrystalline membrane proteins2LME1810834 kDa/3E. colimicrocrystalised outside the membraneMASShahid et al. Nat. Methods2012
Mercury transporter Mer F-Membrane proteins in membranes2LJ2179146 kDa/1E. coliDMPCMASDas et al JACS2012
Chemokine receptor CXCR1-Membrane proteins in membranes2LNL1817034 kDa/1E. coliDMPCMASPark et al. Nature2012
Type-III Secretion System Needle of S. typhimuriumFilamentBacterial filaments2LPZ18276257 kDa/29E. coli-MASLoquet et al. Nature2012
GB1-Microcrystals2LGI151566 kDa/1 E. coli-MASWylie et al. PNAS2011
Ubiquitin-Microcrystals2L3Z-9 kDa/1 E. coli-MASHuber et al. ChemPhysChem2011
DsbB-DsbA with ubiquinoneMicrocrystalline membrane proteins2LEG1771042 kDa/1E. coli (C43)microcrystalised with residual native lipidsMAS and X-rayTang et al. J. Biomol. NMR2011
Phospholamban-Membrane proteins in membranes2KYV-30 kDa/5 E. coli-MAS+solution NMRVerardi et al. PNAS2011
HET-s (218-289) prion-forming domainwith Congo RedAmyloid fibrils2LBU-43 kDa/5 E. coli-MASSchutz et al. Angew. Chemie2011
fd coat protein in filamentous bacteriophage-Alignable soluble proteins2XKM58775 kDa/1P. aeruginosa-orientedStrauss et al. Eur. Biophys. J.2011
alpha-B crystallin-Other proteins2KLR1639140 kDa/2E. coli-MASJehle et al. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol.
GB1-Microcrystals2KWD151566 kDa/1 E. coli-MASNieuwkoop et al. JACS2010
MMP-12 (Macrophage metalloelastase) -Microcrystals2KRJ741517 kDa/1E. coli-MASBertini et al. JACS2010
Influenza M2 channelRes22-62 with amantadineMembrane proteins in membranes2L0J20 kDa/4E. colilipidsorientedSharma et al. Science2010
Influenza M2 channelRes 22-46 with amantadineMembrane proteins in membranes2KQT1661211 kDa/4syntheticlipidsMAS and orientedCady et al. Nature2010
Pf1 coat proteinMembrane proteins in membranes2KSJ58775 kDa/1P. aeruginosaDHPC, bicelles and lipidssolution and orientedPark et al. Biophys. J.2010
HET-s (218-289) prion-forming domain-Amyloid fibrils2KJ31106443 kDa/5 E. coli-MASVan Melckebeke et al. JACS2010
GB1-Microcrystals2KQ4151566 kDa/1 E. coli-MASNieuwkoop et al. J. Chem. Phys.2009
Human alpha-defensin HNP-1-Microcrystalline membrane proteins2KHT162543 kDa/1E. colimicrocrystalised outside the membraneMASZhang et al. J. Mol. Biol.2009
Influenza M2 channelRes 22-46 with amantadineMembrane proteins in membranes2KAD1602011 kDa/4syntheticlipidsMAS and orientedCady et al. J. Mol. Biol.2009
Phospholamban-Membrane proteins in membranes2KB7-30 kDa/5 E. coliDPC and lipids solution, oriented and MASTraaseth et al. PNAS2009
Islet amyloid polypeptide (hIAPP) Fragment of the human IAPPAmyloid fibrils2KIB200746 kDa/8synthetic-MASNielsen et al. Angew. Chemie2009
GB1-Microcrystals2K0P151566 kDa/1 E. coli-MASRobustelli et al. Structure2008
MMP-12 (Macrophage metalloelastase) -Microcrystals2K9C741517 kDa/1 E. coli-MASBalayssac et al. PNAS2008
Crh domain, swapped dimer-Microcrystals2RLZ575719 kDa/2E. coli-MASLoquet et al. JACS2008
GB1-Microcrystals2JSV151566 kDa/1 E. coli-MASFranks et al. PNAS2008
Ubiquitin-Microcrystals2JZZ-9 kDa/1 E. coli-MASManolikas et al. JACS2008
ABetaRes 1-40Amyloid fibrils2LMQ-78kDa/18synthetic-MASParavastu et al. PNAS2008
ABetaRes 1-40Amyloid fibrils2LMO-52 kDa/12synthetic-MASParavastu et al. PNAS2008
HET-s (218-289) prion-forming domain-Amyloid fibrils2RNM1102843 kDa/5 E. coli-MASWasmer et al. Science2008
GB1-Microcrystals2JU6151566 kDa/1 E. coli-MASZhou et al. Angew. Chem.2007
Influenza M2 channelRes 22-46 with amantadineMembrane proteins in membranes2H95-8 kDa/4syntheticlipidsorientedHu et al. Biophys. J.2007
Protegrin-1Membrane proteins in membranes1ZY6-4 kDa/2syntheticPOPCMASMani et al. Biochemistry2006
Mercury transporter Mer F-Membrane proteins in membranes2H3O179146 kDa/1E. coli (C43)bicellesoriented bicellesDe Angelis et al. JACS2006
MastoparanMembrane bound rather than transmembraneMembrane proteins in membranes2CZP100012 kDaE. coliDPPC:DPPG=4:1MASTodokoro et al. Biophys. J.2006
ABetaRes 1-40Amyloid fibrils2LMN1812752 kDa/12synthetic-MASPetkova et al. Biochemistry2006
WW domain of human amyloid CA 150-Amyloid fibrils2NNT-18 kDa/4E. coli-MASFerguson et al. PNAS2006
Amyloid protofilaments of beta2-microglobulin fragment-Amyloid fibrils2E8D1020210 kDa/4E. coli-MASIwata et al. PNAS2006
Kaliotoxin-Microcrystals1XSW63514 kDa/1 E. coli-MASLange et al. Angew. Chem.2005
StanninMembrane proteins in membranes1ZZA671514 kDa/1E. coliSDSsolution and orientedBuck-Koehntop et al. J. Mol. Biol. 2005
TransthyretinAmyloid fibrils1RVS-1 kDa/1synthetic-MASJaroniec et al. PNAS2004
Pf1 coat protein in filamentous bacteriophage (at various T°)Alignable soluble proteins1PJF58775 kDa/1P. aeruginosa-orientedThiriot et al. J. Mol. Biol.2004
fd coat protein in filamentous bacteriophage-Alignable soluble proteins1ZN558775 kDa/1P. aeruginosa-orientedThiriot et al. J. Mol. Biol.2004
HIV Vpu channel-Membrane proteins in membranes1PI8-4 kDa/1E. colilipidsorientedPark et al. J. Mol. Biol.2003
fd coat protein-Membrane proteins in membranes1MZT58155 kDa/1E. colilipidsorientedMarassi et al., Protein Sci.2003
HIV Vpu channel-Membrane proteins in membranes1PJE-4 kDa/1E. colilipidsorientedPark et al. J. Mol. Biol.2003
HIV Vpu channel-Membrane proteins in membranes1PI7-4 kDa/1E. colilipidsorientedPark et al. J. Mol. Biol.2003
fd coat protein in filamentous bacteriophage-Alignable soluble proteins1NH458155 kDa/1E. coli-orientedZeri et al. PNAS2003
Spectrin SH3 domainMicrocrystals1M8M-7 kDa/1 E. coli-MASCastellani et al. Nature2002
Influenza M2 channelRes 22-46Membrane proteins in membranes1NYJ-11 kDa/4syntheticlipidsorientedWang et al. Protein Sci.2001
alpha-factor receptor M6-Membrane proteins in membranes1PJD-2 kDa/1syntheticlipidsorientedValentine et al. Biopolymers2001
AchR M2 channel-Membrane proteins in membranes1CEK-3 kDa/1E. colilipidsorientedOpella et al. Nat. Struct. Biol.1999
Gramicidin-Membrane proteins in membranes1MAG-4 kDa/2syntheticlipidsorientedKetchem et al. Science1993

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