Jan 2023: PNAS paper on cell wall analysis in Aspergillus fumigatus conidia

Nov 2022: Commun. Biol. paper on cell-free synthesis of amyloid fibrils

Jan 2021: PNAS paper on the molecular basis of cross-seeding mechanisms in functional prions and amyloids

Jan 2021: Bilal Muhammad joins our lab’ to start his PhD, good luck !

Oct 2020: Collaborative paper on a-synuclein amyloid fibril aggregation with De Giorgi, Ichas and co. in press in Science Advances

Jan 2020: Collaborative paper on magic angle spinning CryoProbe developed by Bruker in press in J. Magn. Res.

Jan 2020: Coralie Robert will join our lab’ to start her PhD, good luck !

Oct 2019: Frontiers paper on the molecular mechanisms behind nanodomain clustering

Sept 2019: Review on  membrane subcompartmentalization in Curr. Opin. Plant Biol.

July 2019: Our study on T3SS with the Galan and Marlovits labs in press at PLoSBiology

Feb 2019: Asen Daskalov and Alons Lends are joining the group to start their postdoc. Welcome !

Jan 2019: Birgit Habenstein has been awarded with a grant CNRS MOMENTUM, congrats !

Dec 2018: Collaborative paper with D. McCusker in EMBO J.

Oct 2018: Special Issue in J. Mol. Biol. on Functional Amyloids

Sep 2017: Our cover picture for Chemphyschem is online

Sep 2017: Our lab’ in action in JoVE !

Sep 2017: Gaelle Lamon joined our lab’ to start her PhD, good luck !

Sep 2017: Uzma Salar is our new academic guest, welcome Uzma !

Sep 2017: Arpita Tawani joined the group for a postdoc, welcome !

July 2017: Anthony Legrand obtained a PhD stipend to work in close collaboration between the team of S. Mongrand and us, congrats !

July 2017: Nadia El-Mammeri obtained a PhD stipend from the Doctoral School of Chemistry of Bordeaux University to start a PhD with us to work on functional amyloids, congrats !

June 2017: Patrice Rey (Bordeaux Sciences Agro, INRA) gave a lecture on grapevine trunk diseases.

May 2017: We organized the NOUVELLE-AQUITAINE MAGNETIC RESONANCE (NAMR) workshop

May 2017: Marisela Velez from Madrid visited us to present a seminar

May 2017: Jesus Hierrezuelo from Malaga University is our guest from 3 months to work on functional amyloids

April 2017: Sophie Zinn-Justin (IBITECS CEA Paris) visited us, she gave a talk on structural studies of bacteriophages by NMR and cryo-EM.

Mar. 2017: Jozef Lewandowski visited us, he gave a talk on his current ERC project.

Mar. 2017: Antoine Dutour joined our lab’, he will work on the production, purification and in vitro assembly of macromolecular complexes. Welcome !


Speakers will include: Erick Dufourc (CBMN), Oscar Millet (CIC bioGUNE), Antoine Loquet (CBMN/IECB), Francisco Blanco (CIC bioGUNE), Annick Moing (INRA1332), Paola Fucini (CIC bioGUNE), Anne-Karine Bouzier-Sore (RSMB), Cameron Mackereth (ARNA/IECB), Pedro Ramos (CIC bioMAGUNE), Mathieu Duttine (ICMCB) and Tristan Richard (INRA)

Jan. 2017: Birgit Habenstein will give a presentation at the conference “NMR a tool for biology Xth” on functional amyloids investigated by solid-state NMR

Jan. 2017: Welcome to Nadia El-Mammeri and Anthony Legrand who will do their Master thesis in our lab, working respectively on functional amyloids and membrane proteins.

Dec. 2016: Birgit Habenstein was awarded by a Chaire d’Installation of the IdEX Bordeaux, congrats !

Dec. 2016: Prof. Felix Goni (Bilbao, Spain) is our invited guest, he received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Bordeaux.

Dec. 2016: Our collaborative paper with the Pintacuda team on 1H detection of fully protonated assemblies is in press in Angewandte Chemie.

Sep. 2016: Our new 600MHz NMR magnet is running, equipped with 4mm, 3.2mm and 1.3mm MAS probes.

Jul. 2016: Our collaborative project with I. Guijarro has been awarded by the ANR (PI: Guijarro)

Jan. 2016: We organized a symposium “Plant lipids, membranes and NMR” together with Sebastien Mongrand (CNRS, LBM) and Laurence Lins / Magali Deleu (LBMI, Liège, Belgium).