NMR of molecular assemblies

Our research focuses on structural biology and biophysics of biological assemblies, ranging from functional amyloids to bacterial nanomachines and lipid membranes. We develop and mainly apply solid-state NMR spectroscopy to capture structural and dynamic details at atomic resolution.

Our group is part of the CBMN, a joint research unit of the CNRSUniversity of Bordeaux and Bordeaux INP. We are located at the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology. We manage the NMR platform of the IECB / CBMN, with NMR magnets ranging from 300 to 800 MHz.

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Jan 2023: Paper on Aspergillus fumigatus cell wall in PNAS

Oct 2020: Great collaboration on a-synuclein aggregation with Ichas and co. in Science Advances

Nov 2019: FEBS paper on TDP43 amyloids

Oct 2019: Frontiers paper on Nanodomain Clustering

Sept 2019: Review on  membrane subcompartmentalization in Curr. Opin. Plant Biol.

July 2019: Paper in PlosBiology with the Galan and Marlovits labs on T3SS needle

Feb 2019: Alons LENDS and Asen DASKALOV join the group for a postdoctoral project, welcome !

Dec 2018: Collaborative paper with D. McCusker in EMBO J.

Oct 2018: Special Issue in J. Mol. Biol. on Functional Amyloids

March 2018: Remorin filaments is in press in J. Struct. Biol

Sep 2017: Our work on cover of ChemPhysChem

Sep 2017: Our lab’ in action in JoVE

May 2017: Our collaborative study with S. Mongrand and co. is in press in ELife

May 2017: Patrice Rey (Bordeaux Sciences Agro) visited our group and give a lecture on grapevine trunk diseases

May 2017: Marisela Velez from Madrid visited us to present a seminar

May 2017: Jesus Hierrezuelo from Malaga University is our guest from 3 months to work on functional amyloids

April. 2017: Sophie Zinn-Justin visited us to present her research on bacteriophages

Mar. 2017: Jozef Lewandowski visited us to present his ERC project.

Mar. 2017: Antoine Dutour joined our lab’ to work on protein production

Jan. 2017: Birgit Habenstein will present our results on functional amyloids at the conference “NMR a tool for biology Xth” (Paris)

Dec. 2016: Birgit Habenstein awarded by IdEX funding.

Dec. 2016: Prof. Felix Goni (Bilbao, Spain) is our guest.

Dec. 2016: Paper in press in Angewandte Chemie.

Sep. 2016: Our new 600MHz NMR magnet is installed.