Julie Gean



2010 –   : Associate Professor, University of Bordeaux (CBMN), working on interaction between tannins and lipids

2004 – 2010 : Associate Professor, University of Bordeaux (LPCM, CBMN), working on interaction between membrane systems and biological molecules (antimicrobial peptides, amyloids) at the air-water interface

2003 – 2004 : Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Rennes, on interaction between galactolipids and puroindolines (proteins) extracted from wheat seed

2000 – 2003 : PhD Thesis at Laboratory of Molecular Physical Chemistry (LPCM), University of Bordeaux, on the realization of membrane systems at the air-water interface and their interaction with melittin (peptide from bee venom)

1999 – 2000 : Postgraduate Degree (DEA) of Physical Chemistry of Condensed Matter, University of Bordeaux

1999 : Agrégation de Sciences Physique, option Chimie

1995 – 1997 : High-level Master (Magistère) of Molecular Physical Chemistry, University Paris-Sud/ENS Cachan

1993 – 1995 : Classes Préparatoires

1993 : High School Diploma in Science

Major publications

Furlan, A.L.; Saad, A.; Dufourc, E. J.; Géan, J. Grape tannin catechin and ethanol fluidify oral membrane mimics containing moderate amounts of cholesterol: Implications on wine tasting? Biochimie 130 (2016), 41-48


Furlan, A.L.; Jobin, M.-L.; Buchoux, S.; Grélard, A.; Dufourc, E.J.; Géan, J. Membrane lipids protected from oxidation by red wine tannins: a proton NMR study. Biochimie 107 (2014), 82-90


Furlan, A.L.; Castets, A.; Nallet, F.; Pianet, I.; Grélard, A.; Dufourc, E.J.; Géan, J. Red wine tannins fluidify and precipitate lipid liposomes and bicelles. A role for lipids in wine tasting? Langmuir 30 (2014), 5518-5526


Berthelot, K.; Immel, F.; Géan, J.; Lecomte, S.; Oda, R.; Kauffmann, B.; Cullin, C. Driving amyloid toxicity in a yeast model by structural changes: a molecular approach. Faseb J. 23 (2009), 2254–2263


Bottier, C.; Géan, J.; Artzner, F.; Desbat, B.; Pézolet, M.; Renault, A.; Marion, D.; Vié, V. Galactosyl headgroup interactions control the molecular packing of wheat lipids in Langmuir films and in hydrated liquid-crystalline mesophases. BBA-Biomembranes 1768 (2007), 1526–1540


Saccani, J.; Castano, S.; Beaurain, F.; Laguerre, M.; Desbat, B. Stabilization of phospholipid multilayers at the air-water interface by compression beyond the collapse: a BAM, PM-IRRAS, and molecular dynamics study. Langmuir 20 (2004), 9190-9197


  • Biochimie structurale
  • Biochimie alimentaire
  • Cinétique
  • Spectroscopie UV-Visible, de Résonance Magnétique Nucléaire
  • Alimentation du Bien Portant
  • Technologies culinaires


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